Need an app for your project? We do it for you!

In Smart GalApps we are experts in native mobile development for iOS and Android. We know how to convert a little good idea in a successful app.

We love agile development. Direct and continuous contact with our clients is part of our development process, and is a satisfaction guarantee.

Not only mobile development...

Dont' worry about anything. We are also experts in web development, so that if your app needs a web site, an API, or any other component, we take care of that.

We develop our backends in Ruby On Rails, Java, PHP, Python... If you already have a hosting, we can build a server that fits in your configuration perfectly.

No magic

Native development is a must if what you want is a good app. HTML5 is awesome, but let's be honest, not for mobile apps.


It's that simple: native development and design make the Android user love your Android app and the iOS user love your iOS app.

Top Apps

Our apps are in the Top rankings on the App Store and Google Play. There must be a reason for that.

Do you want an app?

  • DosisPedia

    The Mobile App for Pediatric Doctors

    DosisPedia for iPhone and Android

    * Choose the group of products for which you want to get info.

    * You can pick up one of the products or search for a specific one.

    * Move the slider and get indications for each weight.

    * And more...

    Take a look at its official site

  • Smart Covers

    The best way to look at the covers of the most read newspapers of the whole world

    Smart Covers for Android

    * Check out the covers of newspapers edited close to you

    * Save and share the covers

    * Discover, on the map, newspapers of the whole world

    * And more...

  • Smart Weather

    Weather for smart people

    Smart Weather app for iPhone, iPad and Android

    Smart Weather allows you to find by yourself what the weather will be. You will be able to know if it's raining within the next hours or days, or what the temperature will be, in an innovative, intuitive and effective way.

    You can share any image with your friends and followers in Twitter, Facebook, by mail, and many others.

  • Imos?

    The most genuine Galician social guide

    Imos app for iPhone and Android

    In Imos? you will find the best furanchos, taverns and eateries in Galicia. Also, the biggest database of Galician beaches in your pocket: more than 900 lands at just one click. And if you want to go further, we guide you to the nearest Tourist Info Office. So... Imos?

    Take a look at its official site

  • TradutorGalego

    Translate texts from and to Galician

    TradutorGalego app for iPhone, iPad and Android

    With TradutorGalego you can translate words or long texts from or to Galician. Automatically translate from Galician to Spanish, Catalan, English or French, and vice-versa.

    Take TradutorGalego in your pocket and don't miss anything!

  • ConxuGalego

    Conjugate any Galician verb

    ConxuGalego app for iPhone, iPad and Android

    Conjugate automatically verbs in Galician. Type any verb in Galician language and discover with the Galician Conjugator how to conjugate it in all its forms. ConxuGalego works with any verb, even if it's irregular.

    Don't get embarrased about trying to speak Galician anymore!

  • Spanish Conjugator

    Conjugate any Spanish verb

    Spanish Conjugator app for Android

    Learn, check out and discover all the Spanish verbal forms you wish. Simply enter an infinitive and Spanish Conjugator will tell you how to conjugate it. You can check if the verb is accepted by the Spanish Royal Academy.

    Developed for Cilenis S.L.

  • Portuguese Conjugator

    Conjugate any Portuguese verb

    Portuguese Conjugator app for Android

    Portuguese Conjugator allows you to conjugate any verb (even invented) or choose only those accepted infinitives in our Portuguese and Brazilian vocabularies. User can conjugate verbs following four different linguistic normatives.

    Developed for Cilenis S.L.

  • DosisPedia app icon for iPhone and Android


  • Smart Covers app icon for Android

    Smart Covers

  • Smart Weather app icon for iPhone, iPad and Android

    Smart Weather

  • Imos app icon for iPhone and Android


  • TradutorGalego app icon for iPhone, iPad and Android


  • ConxuGalego app icon for iPhone, iPad and Android


  • Spanish Conjugator app icon for Android

    Spanish Conjugator

  • Portuguese Conjugator app icon for Android

    Portuguese Conjugator

What is Smart Promo?

Smart Promo is a product by Smart GalApps for groups of establishments, cultural associations, stores, and any other association, based on a customized Android and iOS mobile application that offers an integral promotional solution for mobile technologies.

If your businesses are...


Sport centers


Repair shops




Toy stores


Private doctors








... or any other

With Smart Promo you will get...

More visibility

A mobile app is not just another marketing product. Nowadays it is actually the best way to make you known and get new clients.

More proximity

Keeping relationships with clients is now more needed than ever. With Smart Promo you will be as close to your clients as in the palm of their hands.

More growing

Smart Promo will open you the doors to new sectors, will give your business an added value and give you the needed impulse to be on the edge.

Smart Promo offers...

Info of your business

All your information in the pocket of your clients

Let people reach you

The easiest way to geolocate your businesses on the map

Socialize your stuff

Your clients, your best advertising. Connected to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, instant messaging...

Create your community

Your clients will be able to add comments, ratings and pictures of your establishments

Multiple views

Your clients will easily find what they are looking for among all the things you can offer them

Admin your Smart Promo app

Moderate the content of the users of the app, add new establishments, and much more